Following several months of intense discussions and negotiations, Olympic View Water and Sewer District is pleased to announce that as a result of a mediation held in Seattle before a retired Thurston County judge, an agreement in principle was reached on August 29th with Edmonds School District which will result in greater protections to the drinking water supply which serves approximately 13,000 customers of the Water District. The dispute between the Water District and Edmonds School District centers around the School District’s construction of a new K-8 school known as the Madrona School. The School District proposes to dispose of the storm water runoff from the parking lots, roof, playfields and other school surfaces by drilling 16 deep injection wells which will be approximately 120 feet deep. The wells will inject storm water into the ground 40-50 feet above the aquifer for the Water District’s Deer Creek drinking
water supply. Because the injection of storm water runoff can pose a risk of contamination to the drinking water supply the Water District sought more stringent testing and monitoring of the storm water before and after it enters the ground and ongoing testing for a greater number of years than originally proposed.

Olympic View’s General Manager Lynne Danielson commented:
“Through a lengthy, intense mediation and the assistance of a well-experienced retired judge we were able to achieve an agreement in principle that will ensure greater protections for the customers who rely on the Water District to provide clean and safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all state drinking water standards. We are pleased that after so many months of urging the School District to agree to additional precautions we were able to achieve a plan and an agreement that will better serve our entire community. The very same water we sought to protect will also serve the students and teachers at the new Madrona School. The agreement that was reached is a win for both the school community as well as the 13,000 customers who receive drinking water from the Water District’s Deer Creek source of supply”.

Before becoming final the Agreement must be approved by the Edmonds School Board and the Board of Commissioners for the Water District. The proposed Agreement will be placed on the September 10, 2018 Special Board Meeting Agenda for Action.

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