Rates and Billing

Billing Rates

The District measures the water going through your meter by cubic feet. 1 unit of water = 1 CCF (100 Cubic Feet) = 748 gallons. The amount we bill per unit varies from winter to summer and each year.  See Resolution 1136 & 1137

2023 Rate Comparison – Olympic View rates compared to surrounding District and City rates.

Residential Rates: Effective January 1, 2023

Base Rates:
Water: $52.00
Sewer: $91.05
Water Usage:
Winter rates: Summer rates:
(October 1st – May 31st) (June 1st – September 30th)
0-40 ccf = $2.69 0-40 ccf = $3.02
41+ ccf = $3.95 41+ ccf = $4.73
Other rates, commercial, fire and low income senior citizen rates are available upon request.

Woodway Utility Tax: 6%  – plus State B&O Tax   

Woodway Franchise Fee: 10%  – plus State B&O Tax                                                           

These charges reflect the utility tax, franchise fee and B&O taxes charged to the District for customers within the Town of Woodway.


How to Pay Your Bill

We accept cash, check or money order.  We also accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover Card online or by calling our automated payment system: (425) 285-8474.  Please have your account number ready when calling the automated payment system.  There is a service charge to use credit cards.

Visit Olympicviewwater.com to pay your bill online! Establish an account, or use the “Quick Pay” option for a one time payment.

For your convenience we have a secure drop box for payments during or after business hours, located in the parking lot of the District office at 8128 228th Street SW in Edmonds.

We offer electronic billing. To receive your bill through e-mail instead of through the postal mail, please email ebilling@olympicviewwater.com with your name, address and account number.

For automatic payment through your checking or savings account please print, fill out and return our ACH form to EricaR@ovwater.com.  If you do not have a printer, call us and we’ll be happy to mail you a copy of the ACH form or you can stop by our office to pick one up.

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

When is my bill due?
Your utility bill is due upon receipt. The Districts offers a $1 discount if your payment is received in our office by the 15th of the month following your billing date. There will be a 10% penalty applied to your account if your bill has not been paid 45 days from the original billing date.

Why are there two different billed amounts on my bill?
The full amount of your bill will be listed at the bottom of the bill.  The amount at the top is reduced by the $1.00 discount you qualify for if your payment is received in our office on or before the 15th of the month.

Example: If your bill is dated 1/31/2019 and the total billed amount is $150.00, you have until February 15, 2019 to receive the $1.00 discount and pay only $149.00. On February 16, 2019, the $1.00 will get added back onto your account.

What is this “adjustment” on my bill?
Our system can not distinguish between types of Adjustments on your statement – here are a few of the types of adjustments that would be listed:

  • $5.00 – New Customer Account Set-up
  • $30.00 – Delivery of green door tag, pending shut-off notice
  • $60.00 – Water Shut off for non-payment
  • $20.00 – Returned Check/ACH Returned
  • $20.00 – Final Bill to close an existing account

My water was shut off.  How do I get it turned back on?
To restore service, you must pay the past due balance that is listed on the green door tag notice, plus a $60 shut off fee. If you have lost your green door tag notice, please call our office for the past due amount: (425) 774-7769.

What do I do if I have a leak?
The District can have a crew member dispatched to check for a leak. If a leak is found, we can shut off your water at the meter until you get it fixed by a plumber of your choice.  Also see “How to Fix a Leak” on our link page.